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Afternoon Trading Room

Live Webinar Trading Floor

Jerremy Newsome

MON-FRI from 5-6 PM EST.
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The afternoon Trading Floor puts a unique and entertaining twist on live trading rooms. This room was created for my swing traders. You likely work full time and would love to listen in on your drive home, of relax with the world of stocks after a long day. Presented live from 5:00 pm to 6:00 p.m eastern, you will experience some of the best analysis, entertainment, education and engaging interaction with some of the best traders on the globe!

Morning Trading Room

Live Webinar Morning Floor

Brad Reed & Jerremy Newsome


During these 5 hours, we ensure to fully inform all participants on the day trades we are watching closely, along with any swing trade set ups. This program is really designed to be one of the most inclusive educational and enriching programs the internet provides. Both floors combined have netted a consistent profit month, after month! We would love to have you become part of this team and family.

Options Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Options Articles

Jerremy Newsome

Every TUE @ 9pm EST

This succinct and easy to read options newsletter is designed for traders who only have 5-15 minutes a week to trade. The total length of the weekly trading plan will be approximately 200 characters. All trades will include the 1) exact entry price of the option 2) exit price 3) expiration 4) And amount of contracts.

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Jerremy and the RealLifeTrading team have a passion for teaching any person to trade the stock market. They take a subject that some make more and more complex, and break it down into a very simple process. I am blessed to be mentored by Jerremy and more importantly to call him a friend. I encourage any person, whether just starting on your trading journey, or a seasoned veteran who is on the never ending journey of learning to take some time and learn all you can from RealLifeTrading. Happy trading everyone!
- Jon Higgins, Member of the Trading Room