Weekly Options Newsletter: Edition 15 - FREE WEEK

Jan 10, 2017

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Disclaimer: All trades carry inherent risk, especially options. Make sure you fully know and understand how to mitigate risk on options. Use stops and trade the risk you are comfortable losing.

Below is my plan regarding a directional option trade. You by no means have to place this trade and I'm not suggesting any specific advice. This is to help traders learn how to mitigate risk and trade options effectively. If you do place this trade, ensure that you do not allow any option [long or short] to expire / close in the money on the expiration date, unless you are comfortable with that option being potentially exercised.

Update from last week: The SPY trade we placed last week hit our first target of $1.80! We are super excited about that. At this point, you can simply increase the stop on the $226 call expiring this Friday to $1.10 and plan on exiting at either $1.80 or higher, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Today was another tough day to choose the trade I like best. AAPL looks really nice and TSLA is in a solid bullish trend too. With NFLX earnings coming up soon, keep your eyes peeled for something on NFLX also, possibly.

Below is the new trade.

Option I plan on buying: SPY $227 call, expiring January 20th (that's Next Friday)

Price I plan on paying: $1.18 Limit buy


STOP: $.50


$400 / .68 = 588 SHARES

The amount of contracts per above risk: 5 or 6. I am going with 6.

Target 1 $1.80 Target 2 $2.10

Stock Chart.

I WANT this SPY trade to trigger before the end of day on Thursday, 1/12/17. If it doesn't I will cancel the SPY trade. If it does trigger, I will plan and fully expect to exit before the market closes on Thursday of next week. If we are in, I will update the trade during next week's newsletter. [This is the FREE edition of the Weekly Options Newsletter. As a reminder this product is only $34.95, which is obviously a tremendous value for this product. So, if you want to stay updated on this trade along with a new trade every week, make sure to register.

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Until next time, Love Life, Live Life and Trade it!

PS. I'm excited about doing some wagers for these Weekly Options Newsletters also. :-) If you have any ideas or anything in mind, place them below! ;-)

Your humble CEO of Real Life Trading ~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome