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Become a hedge fund trader & retain 90% of profits!

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The education you receive will be delivered via pre-recorded videos so you can work at your own pace. The programs and classes are specifically structured to develop your skills and knowledge of trading and prepare you to trade professionally. Our courses and access to trading educators is comprehensive and intended to prepare you for certification in order to work as a certified hedge fund trader. Once certified as a trader within Clique Fund, you’ll trade using capital provided by the hedge fund and as a successful trader you can retain up to 90% of the profits you earn!

Trade Monitoring

As a Clique Fund trader, your trades are monitored to make sure you’re following the rules of the game. I know that sounds “Big Brother-ish,” but new traders fail because they try to move too fast without operating within the rules. This monitoring is in place to protect you from yourself. This is all focused on risk mitigation. Many traders initially feel scared and overwhelmed about trading through a Hedge Fund. Sometimes they feel they can lose ‘too much money’. That’s why there is a risk mitigation team, to ensure your risks are limited and controlled.

Reduced Fees

Other hedge fund firms and brokers charge inflated execution and platform fees that preclude you from trading large volume and restricting your ability to cost effectively scale positions. Trading in the hedge fund allows you access to firm wide negotiated rates that significantly lower than retail or prop alternatives. Clique Fund's incentive programs also act to reduce daily trading fees for profitable traders – the fund rewards you for making profitable trades.

Trade Firm Capital

Once you pass your course and meet the right requirements, you’ll be eligible to trade with firm capital. Once you’ve proven your abilities to make the right decisions and become a profitable trader, the fund will discuss allocating more trading power to your unit, including buying power up to 250k+ This test is solely based on the exclusive education that Real Life Trading will provide to you.


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The Professional Trading Program is $2,995

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