Do You Think You Are Greedy?

Oct 10, 2017

Do You Think You Are Greedy?

I heard 3 or 4 different traders say recently, I could have sold my position, but I was greedy and I held too long.

Obviously, this could just be a saying. A simple phase. One we don't give too much thought.

OR - it could be much worse...

The phrases we say, the stories we tell ourselves and the words we use to shape our lives create who we are. The truth is, I TRULY do NOT think YOU are greedy. Do you want to make A LOT of money? That's great!

Money is just a TOOL. If you are a kind, giving, generous person now, you'll be a kind, giving generous person when you are wealthy.

If you are a stick in the mud who doesn't tip well, pinches pennies, hordes every nickel, then you will be a penny pinching, nickel hoarder when you have more money.

Money just extrapolates who we already are. And this is a MASSIVE mental block and hurdle holding most people back.

Interested in seeing if YOU have the 'mental block'? Reach out to me, let's talk about it.

I like to dive DEEP, here at Real Life Trading. I know you've heard that trading is 80% mindset. Well, if that's true... this is probably 75% of that mindset shift, right now. 

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