How to Optimize Your Health Insurance Coverage

May 26, 2018

As you likely know, here at Real Life Trading is Health and Wellness Month.

I crafted a real treat for you. My buddy Chris Remboldt helped teach and coach through my girlfriend Ashley's health insurance policy and during that time, he mentioned he had a goal. To save over 140 people, at least $2,000 a year, which means adding over $250,000 back into the US economy. When I heard him say that and I knew his heart was in truly helping people, I reached asked him to prepare this webinar in order to enrich lives.

And we did JUST that. If you have a health insurance policy, reach out to Chris to see if you are overpaying. Text him at 615 995 4557 or email him ~

And of course, if you DON'T have health insurance, absolutely contact him. HAHA

I hope you find this helpful and enriching. Thank you for being Real Life Traders!!

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